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Pastel Pop

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Shirt & Jeans: SoCal // Purse: BCBG // Sunnies: Jessica Simpson // Sandals: Report

Pastels are all over the place right now from little macaroons to the blooming tulips and hydrangeas. I've been so inspired by all of these little flashes of color! If I could sum up my favorite color palette it would probably be what I am wearing right now - mint, white, camel and blush. It's a simple but refreshing combination. Before this year I really wasn't much of a crew neck style shirt gal, but after picking up this blue one and this pink one I've noticed they really go with everything. So, I ventured out and added a mint version.

When I buy any sort of sweater or long sleeved shirt I make sure it encompasses a few qualities - It must be soft! There is nothing worse than your arms itching all day long. Secondly, it must be light weight. Layering in Texas can be a little tricky - our mornings and evenings can drop 30 or 40 degrees from the daytime. Therefore, it's really important to make sure your clothes are breathable and can adapt to different sets of temperatures. Another thing is to find natural fabrics. This one is more important than you would think - it's the difference of being itchy or not.

I've been obsessed with white jeans and nail polish over the past few weeks. I really love how they work well with almost anything. As I continue to narrow down my wardrobe to create a more cohesive look, I've decided that these are a must in my life. I also am on the hunt for a perfect shade of blush pants and cream ones. They work so well with so many different tops.

Another thing I'd recommend staying on the look out for is sandals and swimwear. It's the perfect time to have first picks for items you love. I actually grabbed these by Report (here are similar ones) and another pair in tan by Carlos Santana - but look for what you like now so you can find your size. I struggle with the clearance section due to having a small shoe size. There are never as many options as those in size 7, 8 or 9. Hope your week is off to a fast start!

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