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Pink Petal

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Doesn't this dress look like a flower? I shared a little Valentine's Day inspiration last week here on the blog, but wanted to continue in the spirit of the love centered holiday. Today I wanted to share with you guys a louder color for the evening. One of my favorite color combinations is pink (like this dress) and red. Usually I pair a blush color with a bold red hue, but another variation would be to add a bold pink with a red lip. Valentine's Day can be celebrated in many fashions - with friends, family or lovers. It just depends on where you are in life.

Although I think it's silly to only celebrate love on one day, I do like the way we spend most of the month of February decorated in pink and red. On Valentine's Day I recommend picking activities that are relaxing and low maintenance. Really the day is about spending time with people you love. Something like a simple dinner and coffee afterwards or going on a bike ride and then a picnic is my idea of an ideal date (here is a great look for that). Since Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, day time activities are an option. If you don't own a bike you can rent these really cute red ones all over the city for an hour or two. My favorite trails include the Buffalo Bayou and Terry Hershey Park. You can check the bikes in at a different location than where you picked. 

Another fun idea is to go kayaking. You can kayak down the trails and even downtown for a relaxing ride along the river. I like to do activities instead of just eating on holidays. Making memories is really more valuable than getting gifts. I will though be posting this week a gift guide for him and her for those of you who like to give gits. 

People interpret love in many different ways, some prefer to receive gifts - others are more about quality time. A good classic book that helped me in my relationships for family and friends is the book The Five Love Languages. It talks about how to give and receive love based on the way you speak it. I highly recommend it! It's a fun and light read but really applicable.

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