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Spring Showers

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Umbrella: Totes // Jacket: TJ Maxx Find // Shirt: Old // Jeans: SoCal // Boots: Lolli Couture // Purse: Ted Baker

The weekend forecast is actually rain. We get a lot of rain in Houston since we are on the coast. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the beach from the city. With that being said, the month of June is almost an entire month of rain and thunderstorms. Last year, we had so much flooding most of the city was shut down at the end of May. I decided then and there it was time to up my rain game.

Although I still hate driving in the rain, I do like to ensure I prepared to get out and about if needed. I try to embrace the weather and this bubble umbrella makes me super happy! I love that it's durable and under $25. It's a really great addition for business or casual in your wardrobe. Plus, it's functional. I prefer to buy golf or bubble umbrellas instead of collapsible ones. They hold up better and actually keep you shielded from getting wet.

Having a good rain coat is also a necessity. I like this one I picked up a few years ago from a TJ Maxx. Whether you go for a traditional double breasted trench coat or a single breasted one like I'm wearing, find something that fits you and will mix and match with other things you own. It's fun to grab a brighter color with all of those rainy gray skies.

The last thing I look for when I'm going out in the rain, is a good pair of rain boots. I love tall ones because they keep my pants protected. Plus, the elongate my shorter legs. They've actually been worn pretty frequently, from hiking to just getting to and from the office - I seem to pull them out for everything.

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