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The Farm Patch Market

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One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to visit a farmer's market. We have a couple in Houston, but since my family lives about an hour away - I oftentimes head out of town and stop at one of two farmer's markets. The Farm Patch Market is one of my favorites since it's open 7 days a week. Last weekend, my little sister and I headed over to refill our fridges with yummy produce.

I've talked about some of my eating habits over the past year and some of the major changes I've made here, but over time I realized the hardest part was just getting started. I remember back to those first few months I decided to eliminate most dairy, meat and gluten... I found myself puzzled every time I went to the grocery store and sat at a restaurant. It's funny - now it's like second nature for me to scan through a menu and quickly pick what I want. I still eat fish about once a month and the occasional sprinkle of goat cheese, but all in all I primarily eat a clean diet.

To make sure I can manage a budget, I've found some of the best tasting, quality produce is found from farmer's markets. I can get a good variety and a whole bag of fruits and vegetables is under $20. That lasts me 1-2 weeks! It's awesome and the food is richer tasting.

Something I am constantly asked when I tell people I eat primarily vegan is "where do you get your protein?" I laugh almost everytime, because it is the number one questions I get. Before I ventured down the vegan path, I too thought all protein came from animal products. However, there are a variety of plant-based proteins from quinoa and leafy greens to tree nuts. If you are curious, I would research plant protein and see what you can substitute in your diet.

One thing I noticed in my changes is that my body shape sort of transformed. I no longer really have to worry about weight or my size. I eat constantly since plants process faster than animal products. I have more fun with food than I used to! I have several Pinterest boards with yummy recipes. Now, when I stop at the market or go to a restaurant I know what I want to eat or what makes sense it my diet. I think half of the battle was psychological for me.

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