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Red White & Bluebonnets

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I've been dying to get this post up since the last weekend of Spring Break. If you are anywhere near central to south east Texas, now is the time to hit the countryside. The infamous Texas Bluebonnet wildflowers will only bloom for another few weeks. I was on the hunt this year to find a field or two full of them. I absolutely adore flowers of all kinds, and made an extra effort to get out and see them in full bloom. I figured I would share a few of the best places to find them in this post.

Here are 3 unlikely locations - but they are all worth the drive:

  1. Washington on the Brazos - This is a state park right outside of Navasota which is an hour northwest of Houston. I recently posted about this location and you can read more about the beautiful state park here.
  2. Brenham, TX - This is where Blue Bell Ice Cream is headquartered. Many families make the voyage over to the creamery and have a picnic amongst the beautiful flowers. There are fields of them in this part of Texas and that's exactly where I took these photographs. There is a huge field behind the Wal-mart in town and it's covered in wildflowers.
  3. Independence, TX - I'll be adding a new post on this one later on in the week to wrap up my Texas Countryside long weekend saga, but Independence is a breathtaking little historic town.

You can easily travel to all three spots within an hour of one another. It's really great family activity, and I recommend packing lots of snacks and eating at a picnic.

On the weekends, I either get really dressed up or go really casual. Today was one of those, throw a sweater over some skinny jeans and grab my rain boots sort of days. I probably have worn my beige and red rain boots more than any other shoe over the past year. They are so comfy and with all the crazy weather, it's really easy to throw them on over jeans or pair with a dress.

I've linked a few options below that are similar to what I am wearing, but red rain boots go with more than you think. I also found this pair under $40 and this pair if you are looking for something similar. If you are more of authentic, heavy duty sort of person - then Hunter makes the best.