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How to: Style Wavy Hair

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I've battled with the texture of my hair for years before finally giving into the fact that it really has a mind of its own. Curly hair is significantly different than the texture of straight hair. It can be fine and thin,  or thick and coarse. It can be soft and shiny or on the drier side. For today's article, the following tips are related to the texture of my hair which is thick and on the drier side.

I've found over the course of time, that there are ways to get it under control. The first starts with diet. I've talked about eating healthier and being happier here, but nutrition plays such an important part of how the body uses it's energy to create shinier, healthier hair and skin. I recently went to get a haircut last month and my stylist told me my hair had very few split ends despite the length (and the last time I got it cut). He also shared with me that we would only remove an inch and add layers. I was surprised by the fact that although I do some color treatment, how healthy the condition of my hair was! I will only attest that to diet and taking care of it.

With that being said, I thought I would share a few other quick tips about getting better results with wavy hair. The first is a layered cut - if you are in doubt go to the nearest Toni and Guy. Ask for a long-layered traditional Toni and Guy signature haircut. It frames your face, takes off a lot of weight and is a big reason my additional tips work. If you can't find a Toni and Guy stylist, ask around for a local stylist that specializes in curly haircuts.

Second, condition, condition, condition. Curly hair tends to be on the dry side so it's not uncommon for me to go through a bottle of conditioner faster than a bottle of shampoo. Some of my favorites are this one, this one and this one - all ranging in different price points.

When you get out of the shower, squeeze out excess water and quick part your hair with your fingers. Do not brush it or comb it! I wait about 20 minutes before I add a mousse (this one is my all time favorite) or a foam (this one is a newer addition, but has been working well and I talk about it in this post). I usually flip my head up-side-down to do this and scrunch it from tips to about halfway up the head. Try to avoid going all the way to the scalp.

I try to let my hair air dry and sometimes add a gloss, or shine spray for a little finishing touch. If it gets frizzy during the day - you can steam shower it before going out for the evening or just spritz lightly spritz water and repeat flipping your head up-side-down and apply mousse/foam. The key is to minimize touching your curls and they will end up looking better! I'm always in search of more curly/wavy hair tips - so please feel free to share!

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