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Rain Ready

3HCCrystal JacksonComment

June is know here in Houston as a month of thunderstorms and flooding. In preparation for this year's rainy season, I thought I would share a few tips for staying stylish while being prepared for the weather. Also, I am launching a new series called 3HC (Three Heel Clicks abbreviated). This series will be a place for little nuggets of information. It will allow me to share more content and really cover items like lifestyle things, beauty and health tips and group some of the previous content I've done together for better access. All of the 3HC articles are searchable on the home screen and I'm gearing up to a place on the site for you to find all of the little nuggets of information.

For today, I'm sharing really 3 different rain looks - you can add boots and a large ( I always recommend a bubble or larger umbrella) with dresses, jeans and even shorts in the warmer months. I really love wearing my red rain boots (see here, here, and here for other posts) and these are at fantastic price point. I recommend buying a size up and adding gel inserts. I also really love my neutral ones and wear them from everything from long hikes to walks in the park (see here and here). You can find a few similar options here and here for both styles.

As far as a rain coat and umbrella go, look for something oversized on the umbrella. I really love this bubble umbrella and it's a great bargain from Totes. For rain coats, I would either opt for a neutral trench like this one or something bold and bright. I've had this green one for forever and really love it!

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