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Hat Lady

3HCCrystal JacksonComment

I am a lover of all things involving a hat. They have become my favorite accessory over the past two years. It all started with this one I bought before heading to our annual Greek Festival. I never thought I could pull one off, but to my surprise, I could. Now I'm addicted. This season I added the boater. I have a wide brimmed one and a smaller one. I love them for different reasons, but I definitely recommend if you aren't sure where to start - a good floppy one or a boater is probably a good place. Plus, they frame most faces nicely.

Another style i am really falling in love with is a black trimmed straw hat with a bow (see here and here). It reminds me so much of Mary on The Secret Garden. But a bow adds a really sweet touch to an otherwise touch. I also really love a floppy hats like this brown one I wore here and here. Other looks with hats I really loved include this white one and this striped one!

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