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Wearing Your Hair Up

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I love to keep my hair long, but one of the pitfalls of that is on days I am either in a hurry, it's humid and uncooperative or it's just too hot. I've learned to try new things when I have extra time to get ready or a few minutes to just play around with it. That way, when I'm ready to go somewhere in a hurry I have something other than a ponytail. I have tons of inspiration on one of my Pinterest Boards! Some of my favorite go to hairstyles are:

  1. The Fishtail Braid - This one is really great for layers. I have a video up for how to do in a jiffy. I will say, it takes a little practice to get it going, but can be learned in an afternoon and with a little patience!

  2. The Halo Braid - I've worn this one a lot over the past year. It's basically two french braids. Very easy to do, but again takes a few tries to get it right. Once you have it down, less than five minutes and I get a ton of compliments on it! Here are the directions to get it done!

  3. French Twist - This is a classic look and takes a bunch of bobby pins. I love to wear my hair like this when I'm going somewhere a little dressier.

  4. Fat Side Braid - This is basically a side braid where you pull the braid a little looser to make it wide. I love wearing my hair like this if I'm adding a hat (like here and here)

  5. Low Bun - This is a great look if I'm heading to a work related meeting and it's really humid. I like to do a deep side part to give it extra drama. Top it off with lots of hairspray!

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