Three Heel Clicks


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Shirtdress: Anthropologie (newer versions here and here) // Rain Boots: Lolli Couture (similar here) // Umbrella: Totes

I have fallen in love with outdoor style over the past year. Although I was always a "nature" girl, I never really embraced clothing and being outdoors until recently. I love everything from hiking to primitive camping. I love to swim and float down rivers. I love sleeping outdoors underneath a sky blanketed with stars. I love watching the rolling thunderstorm clouds stretch across the horizon before a good hard rain. Most of all, there are never enough sunsets for me to stop and take a look at.

We've had a substantial amount of rain and instead of fighting it, I've embraced it fully. I've found that I enjoy the various climate conditions more if I am appropriately dressed. For instance, if it's cold and I dressed for cold weather I seem to want to spend hours walking around with the cool crisp air blowing against my face. Same with wet weather. A good umbrella and pair of rain boots goes such a long way.

I recently stopped and saw this brightly colored golf size umbrella (also love this one) lingering at the doorway when I went into a superstore to pick up something for work. It was under $20 and impossible to resist. I love the way it is the focal point with a neutral cotton shirt dress and simple boots. Sometimes I let my accessories play center stage to add interest to an otherwise neutral outfit. A classic white shirt dress is so easy to just throw on and go. I picked this one up from Anthropologie and it's lasted for such a long time. I've found a few options here, here and here.