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Puddle Jumper

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Dress: Nordstrom Rack // Boots: Lolli Couture // Umbrella: Totes // Purse: Isabelle

I took a little break over the past week from blogging. Sometimes to let the creativity flow, it's good to get away from it for a few days. I have so much to share with you guys over the coming weeks though. There are going to be a few new posts coming up on 3HC and more to come around interiors. That's a passion I haven't had as much opportunity to share with you, but stay tuned! It's coming!

One of the things I've embraced this past year is not fighting the rain. We have had a ridiculous amount of water hit Houston and it's become one of my favorite times - when I'm not flooded in at least! From watching the thunder clouds and lightning storms to just listening to the pitter patter on the roof... I've embraced the gloomy days.

When I bought a pair of rain boots last fall, I really had no idea they would soon become the pair of shoes I wear more than anything else. From pants to shorts to cold and warm... I just seem to slip them on for all occasions.

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