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Black & White

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Tank: Similar here // Shoes: DIY (see this post) // Shorts: Old Navy // Hat: San Diego Hat Company (similar) // Purse: Ted Baker

I'm spending the weekend in College Station to celebrate with part of my family. We've had such a good time so far and I'm looking forward to having my brother and sister over tomorrow for a celebratory dinner with Dad. As kids, our holidays were so different than they are now. We always had a good time, but as we've grown older we really have learned to appreciate each others differences. We are all so different... but it's really fun we we get time to just hang out.

Although I'm oftentimes overdressed (I've come to just accept it), I do try to go a little more casual when I come to College Station. It's the kind of town where everyone sports t-shirts (maroon mostly) and flip flops. I try to wear more flats here, and pulled out a pair of simple linen shorts that have a loose feel. I love how comfy they are. They look great with a blazer and pair of heels for a night out, but today I wore a classic black and white striped tank. It was sizzling hot today with the heat index over 100! It is really feeling like Summer these days.

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It was a beautiful afternoon and the clouds rolled in like puffs of cotton. They were so fluffy and the sky was a breathtaking blue. I've come to really appreciate long walks here. I could spend hours wandering around and down less traveled paths. It's the kind of place where you don't have to go far to find a horse or farmland. It's just beautiful around every corner and some of the prettiest sunsets happen here. The sky tonight was in fact a stunning color with peachy pink clouds that lit up when the sun dropped.

To keep the sun off my face - I wore my favorite hat (with a bow of course!) and added my DIY lace up ballet flats (you can make them in under 30 minutes here). I wore a pop of pink to give it some color and kept the same shade on my lips to pull it all together. As the Summer approaches, I try to wear more coral, peachy pinks in my makeup than my traditional reds. I also added a golden highlighter to my cheekbones for a slight shimmer. Finally, I like to switch out blush for a bronzer to give that golden glow.

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