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Summer Flowers

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We are halfway through Summer and all of the beautiful bougainvillea is in bloom right now. I was heading over to a friend’s house the other night and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these beautiful flowers. They were so vibrant and bright, I literally pulled the car over and had to get a few shots with them. Finding little flashes of delight around Houston is a favorite pastime. Whether it be a delicious food truck or simply taking a stroll down the streets of the Historic Heights area, I’m on a mission to find the most beautiful places in the city.

In the past I’ve highlighted several of my favorite little spots like North Boulevard and the Heights Library to name a few. I’ve also created a hashtag for all things Houston that you can search on social media as #houstonheelclicks. It’s an easy way to find some of my favorite places, restaurants and just little snaps of the city.

If you are looking for a nice afternoon in that part of the city, trying grabbing a glass of fresh lemonade at Onion Creek. You can also visit Juiceland for some delish fresh squeezed juices next door. It’s a lovely neighborhood to walk around and B-cycle has bikes you can rent over on White Oak. Also, if you prefer coffee or loose-leaf tea check out EQ Heights. They are located in a converted house and have a lovely patio you can sit on at dusk or into the evening.

Studemont has several great places like the Good Dog Food Truck, Liberty Kitchen for dinner, and my favorite Ruggles Green for healthy bites. For a nicer meal check out Zelko Bistro on 11th street which is completely charming and has the best menu! 

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