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Travel Style: Packing In Style

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Traveling is my number one hobby. I love to see new places and have new experiences. It started as a child. Growing up, my parents took me all over the world as we moved from city to city in the military. I am so thankful for those experiences because they truly shaped who I am now. There were many things I learned about traveling, but two things really resonated over the years – travel light and comfortably.

I decided to put together a list of a few ways I’ve found to make life easier when you travel. The first is to pack light. This means if I am going for less than a week, I only take a carry-on bag for warmer months. Cold weather sometimes requires a little more luggage due to bulky items. But Spring-Fall I stick to a single bag. I picked this bag up because it’s dark colored which hides scrapes and scratches, but has simple trim to easily spot it coming down the conveyor belt.

The second thing is dress comfortably. I like to wear jeans or Leggings (not shorts… they ride up and can get uncomfortable after sitting for a few hours), a lightweight top in case the plane is hot, a sweater in case I get cold, and easy to remove shoes. I usually take a tote to keep my notepad, tablet, and toiletries handy and it doubles as a beach bag or pool bag. If I am taking a hat, I usually put it on as well so it doesn’t get crushed in my bag.

Finally, when packing, I pick a color scheme that allows me to coordinate everything. An upcoming trip that I have includes a palette of blush, tan, cream and black. That way, I only have to bring a purse or two and a few pairs of shoes. Also, I always have comfy flats to walk around in and at least one pair of heels. Shoes seem to take up the most space, so I am always careful about the selection. And always, always, always pack a swimsuit – even if you go somewhere with snow. It pays dividends and you never know if you will have an indoor pool or hot tub.

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