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Houston Hotspots: A Parisian Inspired Afternoon

3HCCrystal JacksonComment

Ever since I was a little girl, I was inspired by all things French. Maybe it was my affinity for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast or my love for all things ballet, but I was hooked early on. I remember when my Mom brought me back a miniature version of The Eiffel Tower. It still sits in my apartment to this day.

Later on, I carried this obsession into High School. I took 4 years of French lessons. In college, I enrolled in a study abroad and spent a few days in Paris eating in cafes and walking along the Seine. I was determined to experience what an everyday Parisian would instead of wasting time at the Louvre. As I entered early adulthood, I started to learn more about French cooking. Determined, I learned to make delicate pie crusts or pate brisee as they refer to it. I poured over cookbooks until perfecting a slow roasted Tarragon Chicken. I listened to the soft vocals of Madeline Peyroux and continued studying French fashion. From the history to cuisine to all around dieting… I was hooked. A full on Francophile!

Last weekend I took a few minutes’ late afternoon Sunday to enjoy a little taste of Paris. I headed over to City Centre’s Sweet Paris for a delicious savory crepe. Crepes are a thin batter where enveloping either sweetened fruits and cheese, or savory items. They have a wide variety of delicious options and I ended up going with one that had delicious tomatoes, mozzarella and drizzled with truffle oil. I ordered a spiced chai latte (which was truly superb) and enjoyed sitting on the patio with glittering lights up above.

Afterwards, I headed over to Sweets Bakery to pick up a few macaroons. Sweets has two locations in Houston – one in City Centre on the west side and Tout Suite on the east side. You will find an assortment of all different flavors of macaroons there. I picked up a couple of honey lavender to curb my sweet tooth. A macaroon is made with the lightest almond flour and almost melts in your mouth.Once I finished I headed for a quick stroll around the block to people watch and get a little exercise in true French form.