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Small Town Charm: The Apple Store

TravelCrystal JacksonComment
Location: Medina, TX

Small Town Charm is the beginning of a new travel series I'm embarking upon. Although I've lived in the fourth largest city in America for the past 7 years, at the heart of me is a simple southern child who loves the countryside. I can't get enough of small towns and decided to share with you guys some of the hidden gems I've found as I traveled over the past few weeks. I'm starting with a recent trip I made out to Bandera, Texas. I decided to take the scenic route from Cedar Park after visiting a friend down through the west side of Austin and out to Medina.

There are so many reasons I love stopping in little towns - first of all, there is so much history there. Each one has it's own unique story and being that I love story time, it's a match made in heaven. I try to park at any small town square and get out on foot. I believe that walking is so good for the soul and I always notice things I wouldn't have otherwise when I do. Medina is a small town that sits between Bandera and Kerrville on the west side of San Antonio. I found an apple orchard there and notice that apples were quite the theme as I wandered down the main street.

If you are traveling through, stop at The Core House to grab a yummy cup in their sweet little atmosphere. I decided to dress down that day and wear a tiered floaty top over my DIY denim shorts, old navy leather flats and it was a perfect opportunity to sport a good western style hat. Outside of shoes, hats are my favorite accessory. They add so much personality and functionality. In the blazing summer heat, it was perfect to keep the sun out of my eyes. I topped the whole ensemble off with my fringe embellished bucket bag.

Across the street from The Core House, is an adorable apple orchard and store called The Apple Store. I originally was drawn to visiting because I read that you can tour the orchard. I've been dreaming up of picking my own apples lately - so naturally, I had to visit. Upon arrival though, I found out that most of the orchard was damaged recently in a hail storm and that it was optimal for me to apple pick. Not all was lost though! I was able to score some incredible goodies.

I picked up a few apple flavored items for my family like jams and butter for Christmas gifts. Then, decided to try their famous apple ice cream which was heavenly. There were dozens of people who had the same idea! After picking up apple struedel coffee beans, I went outside and sat on the patio to listen to live music on their adorable red picnic tables. The whole afternoon was such a blast.

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