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Dockside Mornings

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Weekend mornings are my favorite time out of the week. I rarely sleep in late, so when I do get up on Saturday or Sunday I find so much peace in the quiet solitude. The world is so still. That stillness gives my mind time to just relax and soak in the beautiful things I see. I oftentimes get up and go for a walk or just read with coffee in hand. The world looks different in the morning with dew drops scattered like glitter across fields of grass and the air has a hazing fog layer spread over it. It takes my breath away.

The air is always cooler in the mornings and there is less heat coming off the ground. I find that when I visit my parents house, I have the luxury of being able to walk out to this lovely spot on a dock overlooking a small pond. I usually bring my journal or a book to read while I sit there watching the fish bite in the water. It's one of my favorite places to be in and rarely do I run into anyone while I'm out there at dawn.

Out of all of the things in life I derive inspiration from, nature is probably at the top. I think I love it because it's where I feel the closest to God. When no one else is around it gives me room to feel every part of the world he created for us. It's a spiritual sanctuary being out there in the world alone. As I have grown older, I relish times to be alone. As a kid, we moved so much and I oftentimes felt lonely. As an adult, I realized you can be surrounded by people and still experience a vehement loneliness. There has been a sense of peace that came out of a really troubling time of my life that resulted in feeling less lonely when I am by myself. Being alone, gives me the opportunity to go inward. To think and recognize how I really feel about things in life without having the distractions or influence of other things. I am always grateful for the time to reflect.

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