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Sailor Stripes

Houston, Style, FashionCrystal JacksonComment
Shirt: Who What Wear for Target // Hat: BP // Bag: Kate Spade // Sandals: Target

I love stripes. So much. Can't get enough of them. (see here, here, here and here for recent posts). They are so classic and seem to go with everything. I've worn this shirt SEVERAL times over the summer and even bought a second version in navy. It seems to work with everything I own from red rain boots to white jeans. When I find something I really like, I seem to get very attached to it. And this shirt has been on repeat all summer long.

A red hanker chief is a great accessory to have on hand. You can pick them up at almost any craft store, but they can be worn a variety of ways. I like to tie them onto my purse (like in this post), tie on in my hair or wear them around my neck (last seen here, here or here). It's such a simple way to add a fun element into an otherwise simple outfit.

If you haven't been out to Cypress in a while, the Towne Lake Boardwalk has really stepped it's game up! These a were recently shot there and there are new restaurants, shops and a couple of fitness places. On weekends, they usually have live music playing in the pavilion and there is a trail to just take a nice walk around the lake. I really like visiting during sunset since it reflects in the water as it dips over the horizon.

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