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Red // Gingham // Red

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Jacket: Patagonia // Jeans: Celebrity Pink // Shirt: Target (similar here) // Boots: Hunter

Although it's still ridiculously hot right now here in Houston, I've recently picked up a few things for the Fall/Winter season I wanted to share with you guys. I've mentioned in this post and this post that I am really into the color red right now. It started with this bag, and now I've added a few other items like these rain boots, and this jacket. Patagonia is a outdoor clothing company I've been interested in for a while. They use renewable materials and their clothing comes with a 100% guarantee. I finally broke down and picked up two jackets this season - the thin windbreaker/rain jacket and another one that's slightly warmer for the cooler months here.

I'm a big believer in quality. Quality for me take precedence over price. Whether something is $5 or $500 for me it has to do with what I will keep in the long run. I think it's irresponsible to buy things just to get rid of them quickly. I like to keep things for a long period of time and decided to make an investment in a good pair of rain boots. Last year I bought these and they are approaching end of life after the amount of times I wore them (see here, here, here and here). This year, I decided to buy a pair I could wear for all outdoor activities. I settled on going with a punch candy apple red.

If you are looking for a really thin, lightweight rain jacket - I highly recommend the one pictured. It's material kept me warm without getting hot and really did a good job of blocking wind. It also packs into the smallest pouch making it a perfect choice to throw in a bag for travel or just keep on hand for unexpected rainy days. 

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