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Across the Bridge

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Last week I stopped by the Buffalo Bayou Collection and Gardens after work for a quick stroll. I shared a little bit about them last year when all of the azalea’s were in bloom, but thought I’d check them out again. It was slightly chilly and kind of wet, but still a nice way to get in a few steps. If you live in the Houston area or are just visiting, this is one of my favorite places in the city. Ima Hogg lived here and the property has one of the prettiest classical gardens in this part of Texas. There is a beautiful bridge you must cross to enter the garden and museum collection which is where these photographs were taken.

Lately, with all the rain and a few days of cold weather, rain boots have been the most appropriate footwear for this time of year. You can layer them with tall socks, sweater dresses or jeans to keep warm. You can wear two pairs of socks to keep your legs and feet from being chilly. If you are heading somewhere where boots are too casual, simply switch them out for a pair of heels, loafers or ballet flats.

Sweater dresses are also a great option for this time of year. You can add a pair of tights with them to keep warm if it’s really cold or go bare legged (like I did here) with tall socks and your boots. When it gets a little warmer, put on a pair of loafers for a relaxed look. You can easily add a printed scarf and pull your hair back off your face in a messy braid. The whole look is relaxed, but still pulled together. 

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