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Interior: Copper Touches

interior design, InspirationCrystal JacksonComment

With the new year has been a few updates around the home. For starters, I’m trying to get the last of my disorganized spaces (which I tend to put out of sight and out of mind), organized. Going through and letting go of things that have little helps keep spaces with less clutter. Less clutter, makes a happier mind. It also helps locate the things you own. With that being said, it’s not always the highest priority and I find many other things to do than organize every nook and cranny most days.

A few updates though around my home include touches of copper. I love the vintage feel of copper. Eventually, I plan on replacing my pots and pans with copper ones and have them hanging from the ceiling. But for now, a few touches make the world of difference and add a little glamour to the space. I picked up a few bowls for fruit and rock collection. I also re-purposed a vintage jello mold my mom bought me over a year ago by adding it to my coffee table. Sometimes I put candy in there, other times little objects like acorns.

For Christmas, my parents replaced my French press with this copper one! I used it for the first time and really love it! It did a great job of keeping the coffee grounds out of my drink. I’ve also added a colander filled with onions and garlic near it (not pictured) to give my kitchen counter a little flair. Finally, I found these adorable little Moscow mule shot glasses which I put out for decoration! I’ve rounded up a few copper items if you are looking to add something similar to your space. 

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