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New Year Reflections

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Pants: Old Navy // Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad // Top: Cato // Purse: Adrienne Vittadini

I’ve been reflecting over the past few days about the past year and where I am now. Life can change significantly in such a short amount of time. There’s an accumulation of small moments that lead up to what changes drastically in your life. Change can come in bursts rapidly firing one after another, or change develops over the course of months and years. For this past year, I set out to make it different than years prior. I outlined goals each quarter and let them take form. Some were successful, some I procrastinated on, and some were failures. But I tried.

There were days where I wanted to give up on some of them. There were times that I thought I can’t make it any further in this area. There was a mounting pressure and I would feel panic come on. And there were people who provided encouragement. At the end of a year, I came to know that those who love you make your life a better place. They say things out of kindness when you feel like staying in bed. They propel you to move forward when you feel like you aren’t enough.

I thought about how I want to impact those around me this year and I want to provide more of that for the people around me. Maybe it’s someone I’ve known for years, maybe it’s someone I just met, or even someone I haven’t met. But without encouragement, it’s hard to get through the tough days. It’s hard to put your clothes on when it’s raining or you shoes on to go for a run. This year my biggest goal is to propel others forward. To propel them to do the things they want and believe in the longshots. To set their goals high and fight for what they want to obtain. I’d love to hear what your goals are? What is propelling you right now? Write them down, put them in your car or on your desk. Keep them in front of you and let everyone around you know what you seek. 

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