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Break Time

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I spent a good majority of the Summer taking a break from blogging. As much as I love the process of all of it, I was at a point where I needed a break. I think sometimes we all have to take a step back to figure out exactly what we want to do in life. I work a full time career in marketing on top of being a Mom and it was starting to feel like too much. Breaks are a good thing. They provide clarity and can help you refocus. 

Over the Summer I learned so much about people, where I want to be in life and how to manage where I currently am. As the Summer dwindled down Hurricane Harvey struck and hit Houston pretty hard which is where I reside. Yes, I had to move. Yes, I had to buy a new car because mine was flooded. I ended up getting pretty sick (pneumonia to be exact) and it wasn't easy over the past few months. I'm not sharing these things because I am looking for empathy, but to empower those of you going through tough times. We are far more capable of things we never expected if we just put one foot in front of the other.

As I approach 2018, I've been thinking about my goals and debated on whether or not I would return to blogging. Over these past six months I've had more friends, family and readers comment on the fact they enjoyed my previous work and wish I would return to Three Heel Clicks. I started off small about a month ago and just posted on Facebook. I opened a new Instagram account (because if you deactivate your old one they wipe it after so much inactivity). You can find me on Instagram @crystalkorynn. I'll be adding content on the blog as I can over the next few months and look forward to trying new things in this next year. 

I wanted to thank all of you for the support over the past few months while I took a break. I figured today I would share a few pictures from the past few months today and I'll add some of the travels I've done in upcoming posts. At the end of this break I realized the most important thing is to stay true to what you love no matter what. I love sharing inspiration, photography, style and travels. Please comment, direct message or feel free to email me. I look forward to what the future holds and can't wait to hear more from you all.

-With Love,