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How To: Keep Your Cool Over the Holidays

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Three Heel Clicks - How To Keep Your Cool Over The Holidays
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Since Christmas is just five days away I thought it would be a perfect time to discuss how to keep your head on straight over the next 120 hours. It's really easy to get caught up in last minute things and forget the true reason for the season. Being with those you care about and celebrating spiritual beliefs is much more important than running around with your head cut off like a chicken! Here are a few ways to keep yourself sane and enjoy time with those you love.

Day 5

If you haven't grocery shopped today would be a good day. Save yourself trouble and order your groceries online for delivery or pickup. I've used a few different services and haven't regretted the decision. Made life so much easier and didn't have to fight the crowds. Probably the last day you would want to pick up stocking stuffers or order anything on Amazon as well.

Day 4 

Pick out your outfits for Christmas Eve, PJ's, and Christmas Day. If you haven't already, go ahead and layout then try on your outfits. Hang them all together including any jewelry, slippers and handbags. Trying to pull everything together at the last minute can make things feel so hectic. Also, I like to slip on a new pair of PJ's for my family and myself so today would be a good day to pick some up if you don't have something presentable for Christmas morning.

Day 3

Fill up your gas tank for the next few days if you are traveling. If you are staying home, I would go ahead and pull out your dishes and serving utensils for Christmas dinner. Depending on whether or not you are hosting an event on the next few days should dictate when you set the table. I prefer to set my table the night before a dinner so I just have meal prep. Also, if you are prepping food today is a good time to chop up veggies, fruits and pre-portion as much as you can inside individual containers.

Christmas Eve

Now is the time to put your stocking stuffers inside your stockings and add any last minute embellishments to your gifts to place under the tree. Also, if you are adding any cards to your gifts you can set aside a few minutes to jot something thoughtful down. Try to relax today and spend time with those around you. Also, if you are attending services or parties this evening give yourself extra time to do hair, makeup and get any kiddos ready. Remember, it's better to have more time left over than to feel rushed. 

Christmas Day

Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the day. I like to stay in my PJs and eat frittata made the night before or cinnamon rolls. They are always quick and easy to pop in the oven while any little ones are opening their gifts. Also, it's fun to set up a hot chocolate bar and a few carafes of juice for everyone to help themselves as needed. It's good to make a list of the gifts received as you are opening them so that thank you notes are a breeze. After getting dressed it's great to set out a veggie or cheese plate so people can nibble throughout the day. My family usually makes lasagna since it's easy to assemble the day or two before and we just pop it in about an hour to an hour and a half before we are ready to eat.

I hope you guys find this little guide helpful and have a wonderful next few days preparing and enjoying your Christmas. Also, I'd love recommendations on other ways to make life easier during the holidays! Please send them over!

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