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Rose and Shine

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Sweatshirt: Target // Pea Coat: HM // Dress (worn as a skirt): LC Lauren Conrad // Tights: Bloch // Purse: Kate Spade NY // Boots: Lolli Couture

I am so excited about this post! You would think I was up North after a snowstorm but nope! These were taken today in Houston. Last night, for the first time in the nine years I've lived here we got snow! I cannot tell you how happy I was about it. Unfortunately it only last through the morning, but it was so magical I had to stop and take a few photographs. 

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Growing up I spent a lot of time around snow. We constantly moved all over the country and out of the country a couple of times. I loved seeing it and found that if you are sporting the right gear it's not miserable but fun! The key is to layer. When you are outside the temperatures will oftentimes fluctuate so wearing a sweater over a thinner long sleeve shirt gives the ability to remove or add as needed. I actually added a scarf and ear muffs later on today when I went for a walk at lunch. 

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I love the sweatshirt I'm wearing underneath. I picked it up from Target and the "Rose and Shine" gold metallic lettering was just perfect to layer over this tulle dress worn here in the past. If you want to get more mileage out of an item think about different ways to wear it. You could layer a shirt over like I did here or under so the dress looks more like a jumper. 

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