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New Feature: Daily Dose of Style

Crystal JacksonComment

I'm a fan of constantly trying to grow. I started this blog a few years ago because I found I really liked reading other blogs. My favorites at the time included Gal Meets Glam, Atlantic Pacific and This Time Tomorrow. Pinterest was the driving force behind discovering those sites. I still regularly watch for new content on all three and added a few more to my daily reading list. They've inspired me in so many ways from taking style tidbits to learning more about websites and creating better content. 

This year I've decided to expand three areas within the blog. The first is to add more travel and interior design content. I've mainly published style posts in the past, but travel is one of my biggest passions! Pushing to write more content around places to visit, is going to be a regular part of the blog. The second area I'm looking to expand is Interior Design and Home Decor, and although I only practice it in my personal life right now - I've made it a goal to start collaborating more with other designers to provide more content on this subject. 

Finally, the third goal is to create shorter posts with quick uploading capabilities at a frequent rate. It's hard sometimes to be a full time Mom and work at a full time position in Marketing on top of keeping up with the blog. That's where I've decided to do create a new feature called Daily Dose of Style. With the amount of travel I've been doing and other collaborations, I've decided to divide my style content into two sections. The first will be similar to the previous style posts where I tell a story about the outfit, location and occasion. The second includes the new feature, Daily Dose of Style, which are one to three photograph posts with a quick tip and links to content already published. I'm hoping it's a way for you guys to find new ways to wear things you may already have in your closet. 

Thank you so much for following along over this journey, and I'd really like to hear feedback about the new feature or additions you'd like to see over the upcoming months. You are welcome to reach out to me over social media, leave a comment or just shoot me a quick email.