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Oceanside Drive

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Shirt: Target // Sweater: Old Navy // Vest: SoCal // Jeans: Old Navy // Boots: London Fog // Coat: LL Bean

Rhode Island is such a beautiful place to take a scenic drive across. Being the smallest state in the entire US, it was really fun to get to explore the majority of it over a single weekend. I shared a little about my time there staying in East Greenwich in this post, but today I thought it would be fun to expand and talk about the beautiful drive from East Greenwich over to Newport. We started the drive by stopping at Iggy's Doughboys & Chowder House. You can order the most delicious clam chowder and powdered dougboys as dessert. It's an iconic chowder house with two locations. One in Warwick on the bay and the other in Narragansett. Newport is sandwiched in between the two cities, so no matter which direction you are coming from - you can stop in on the way.

After stuffing ourselves pretty full, we layered up and took a drive over the Newport Bridge to Newport. Newport is a really pretty city with tons of shopping, food, and beautiful beaches. It's on a island easily accessible by bridge. Remember to bring some extra cash if you take a drive over there since there is a toll. As we drove over in the afternoon, we saw a beautiful lighthouse from the bridge. (Unfortunately, there wasn't an accessible place for me to photograph - but the image will remain in my mind). We wound through the city of Newport and headed up the coastline to watch the sunset over the waves on Oceanside Drive. It was so windy on the coast, I was really glad I brought extra layers. There are little bridges and places for you to park along the drive if you are looking to get out and take a few pictures (we stopped multiple times along the way).

The coastline was much colder and windy than expected. I wore one of my favorite and most versatile gingham shirts (worn here and here) under a sweater and vest for the daytime. I layered a warm jacket I bought at the beginning of the Fall season for camping over it and added these really snuggly boots (they are on sale right now, hurry!) I originally picked out a pair of Sorel's, but when they didn't ship in time I quickly looked for a replacement pair. These were really comfortable and with two pairs of socks kept me warm all day and into the evening as we explored Newport. 

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