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Seaside Stripes

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Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad // Jacket: Elle // Jeans: Jessica Simpson // Flats: LC Lauren Conrad // Hat: Random (similar here) // Purse: Ted Baker

Wow time really flies when you are having fun! I meant to get these pictures posted MUCH earlier, but life got away from me and here we are almost three months later. None the less, for those of you with slightly cool temperatures, here's a Spring look for you! I wore this outfit earlier this year on a trip to Chicago. It was funny, I took the subway to get to the hotel I stayed at and someone on the train said I looked out of place with all of my bright colors. I realized, Chicago doesn't do pastels. Anyhow, my whole wardrobe that weekend was shades of cream, blush and baby blue. It didn't stop me, I felt like I was right at home as a I walked along the beach the first afternoon after arriving.

Chicago requires layering. Much like cities found in Europe and Northern California (like San Francisco) the temperatures are a little unpredictable. I was expected snow since it was February, but realized about a week before that wasn't in my future. I ended up with 50-60 degree windy weather. There were actually people sunbathing over the weekend during the hottest part of the day. I'll be posting a travel guide pretty soon about my weekend there, but for now you can check out the previous post and delicious donuts I found while I was visiting.

I wore a blush striped sweater I picked up last year with a pair of blush jeans. I've worn these pants countless times (see here, here and here). I brought along my hat since I knew they have lovely beaches. After checking into The Tremont Hotel, I wandered over to visit the Navy Pier. The views were so beautiful and the sun was shining down onto the soft powdery sand. I'd really like to go back sometime this Summer for a weekend in the warm weather.

2017-02-17 03.54.57 1.jpg

The Tremont Hotel was a fantastic experience. I try to stay middle of the ground on hotels - so not the low end or high end. When I found The Tremont Hotel I knew immediately it would be a great value. Located on the North End of the Magnificent Mile, it had a perfect location for things to do. It sits right behind a beautiful old church with bells that rang until 9:00 pm. The staff was incredibly accommodating and Mike Ditka has a restaurant attached to the hotel. It's also about two blocks from the old historic Chicago Water Tower and a ten minute walk from Oak Street Beach where you can view sunrise. 

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