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Beauty Guide: All About Lips

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Lipstick and mascara are pretty much what I wear makeup wise on the daily. I love the pop of a bright color of lipstick and found over time a handful of them that seem to really stick all day. I thought it would be fun to share a few of these with you today. All items are tried and true. When shopping for a new lipstick, I am very particular about ensuring it turns the right color. My lips have a good amount of pigment in them - so the colors oftentimes change or turn orangey. If you are one of those people too, the lipsticks below seem to stick to their true colors and stay on all day

Prepare, Treat and Cleanse

For healthy lips, make sure you moisturize regularly. I'm so guilty of being a nervous lip biter and it ends up taking a toll on my mouth. To prevent and treat chapped lips I make sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy. I notice a major difference when I do in my skin and lips. Also, I really like Burt's Bees in Vanilla and First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Lip Balm. Finally, make sure you aren't using too much cleanser on your lips. The skin is more sensitive (similar to your eye lids) and cleanser can strip your mouth of natural oils. I love Clinique's All About Lips product and use these two facial cleansers (First Aid Beauty and Kiehl's)  which are gentle on my skin. 

Reds and Corals

For red lipsticks, I really prefer a deep cherry color. I've tried both matte, gloss and glazes. My favorite Matte color is the one featured in the first picture which is by MAC. I worn you though, it is not for the dry lipped gal. Make sure you moisturize properly before applying. If you want a shinier lip color with a bold hue, try Teeeze Cosmetics in Romantic Red which comes in the prettiest lipstick case. My third favorite is almost a dark coral and is more liquid matte color. Stila makes some of my favorite cosmetics and it's worth every single penny. A tube lasts forever and stays on all day. In the right picture I'm wearing it in Venenzia which is an orange-red. A really great option for Spring and Summer! If you are looking for an inexpensive option - try Maybelline's Color Sensational Lip Color in Red Revival and Are You Red-y.

Shades of Pink & Rose

Finding a good bold pink can be tough. You have to decide if you are seeking a warmer shade or a cooler shade. Since many colors turn really bright on me, I decided to opt for a cooler shade. My absolute favorite magenta color is by Maybelline. In fact, they are my go - to for drugstore finds for makeup. I really like this color show the two pictures on the right. The one on the right is a softer pink called Pink Satin with more of a shimmer undertone. Both lipsticks are under $10 and you can buy them at almost any drugstore. Finally, Bite Beauty makes a really intense color in Sangria. i worn you though, do not add a gloss. It is a very bold hue and has lasting power on its own.

Nudes and Soft Rose

Finding a good nude color can be tricky because if not done correctly, they make  you look really washed out. I've found that I look better in a peachy nude or a soft matte rose over a true nude. My favorite nude lipstick is Kinda Sexy from MAC. MAC makes really great pigment based makeup with a lot of color. I've been wearing this shade with this mascara for the past few weeks for a really natural look. It evens my lips out without washing me out. The second color I've been using was one that Sephora recommended upon my last visit. Kat Von D makes a really great shade called Lovesick. It's a liquid matte color and it lasts most of the day. If you need a quick lip fix, grab Maybelline's Baby Lips in this shade for a soft sheer but shimmery color!

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