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Pink Florals

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Dress: Vintage // Shoes: Beston (under $20) // Purse: Ted Baker (love this smaller version)

Do you ever go digging through your mom's old stuff to find hidden treasures? I do! I love go through her closet to find things that I may be able to incorporate into what I wear these days. My sister and I are the same way. We were the same size most of my childhood and into our teen years. We would constantly swap clothes even though our style is really different. I was back at my parents house a few weeks ago and came across a pile of stuff that she was getting ready to discard. I saw this pink dress and immediately snatched it! I thought it would be perfect to wear casually with these slides or dress up like I did today with espadrilles. I could even wear some strappy sandals if I have something more formal to attend. 

Speaking of old finds, vintage and thrift store shopping is a favorite past time of mine (I've posted several tips in this post and this one). It's fun to scour for items you can't just buy anywhere. Lately, I've been on a rampage for collecting copper pots (see here for a few copper touches I've placed in my home). Over the next few months I'm giving my apartment a face lift. I've been slowly add copper touches in, but I'm also thinking about adding a pale icy blue and deep navy. 

Summer is a great time to take on a few new projects. Over the next few weeks I'm organizing and discarding. Then, I'll start on a few DIY projects over May and into June. I'll be posting more about giving my place a little change and maybe even doing a video (we'll see... I make no promises there).  But expansion of interior design and touches is a huge goal this year. What better way to accomplish that goal than by creating content around it! If you'd like to see a few of the ideas I've already rounded up - head over to this Pinterest board for a little inspiration. What are some of your Spring and Summer home ideas?

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