Three Heel Clicks

Spring Shoes

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Shoes are important. I don't care what your preference in shoes are, they are worn everyday and supports your entire body. Because I choose to walk as much as possible, I value a good comfortable shoe. Really comfortable. But I also like stylish shoes. So there's a little give on both sides to meet in the middle. I've rounded up a few of the shoes I've been wearing the most lately and recent looks to give you a little inspiration if you are looking for a good pair to purchase.

The Pointy Ballet Flat

Talbots makes my favorite pair of ballet flats. Since day one, I've worn them without getting a single blister. The leather versions have the softest hide and come in such a wide range of colors. If you watch for them to run on sale, you can buy them under $50. Just regularly check the sale page for colors they have available. 

The Leather Loafer

A pair of leather loafers are also great for walking. I love the cognac classic color of this pair I bought from Coach. They work with everything from pants, shorts to dresses and skirts. I like to style something a little preppy looking to go with them like a sweater over a shirt dress or a scarf knotted at the neck. 

The Colorful Espadrille

For a heel, I've been all about these espadrilles lately. They are perfect for being outdoors for a BBQ and would be a nice choice for an outdoor wedding. I've worn them mostly with dresses lately, but I am thinking about wearing them with a pair of classic white shorts and button up soon. They are also a nice option if you are headed anywhere tropical.

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