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Four Hats for Spring

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Hats, hats, hats! The sun is shining and that calls for big hats! Hats were one of those accessories I wasn't sure I could wear up until a few years ago. It started with a floppy hat... and I was hooked. Now they are one of my favorite accessories. I wear them to the beach, pool, and hot Summer days. I thought I'd round a few looks up to share today and a few styles for you guys to view. 

The Wide Brimmed Boater

Out of all of the hats I wear, this one probably gets the most attention. I prefer a wider brim to a small one since it keeps the sun out of my eyes. I've worn this one countless times, but find that it works really well with maxi dresses and feminine shapes like this red dress or this sweet yellow sundress.

The Floppy Hat

This style frames so many face shapes. It's relaxed and laid back - perfect for a day at the beach or out for a stroll. I wore it here with a shirt dress and then a white sequin dress. I really love this one in white with a scarf bow, but there are so many other options out there like this straw version. 

The Garden Hat

This one offers a sweet little bow and contrasting rim. I like to wear it with simpler styles like black and white styles. The bow gives it an extra touch, so feel free to mix with androgynous loafers. I also have a pink version you can see here and here if you want additional inspiration.

The Small Boater

This classic hat is from the 1920's. It's great for a more casual vibe like jeans and a blouse. I've also worn it with dresses and skirts to make my outfit a little more relaxed. For more looks, check out this post and this post.

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