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Winter Style Guide

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Did you know in most places in the Northern Hemisphere Winter is the coldest between January and February? As temperatures have been in the 20's this past week and gearing up for a trip up North soon, Winter Style is on my brain! Here are a few ideas for a chilly day or evening.

Layer Up

I've found over the years it's easy to remove layers if you get warm, but if you are unprepared for the cold it's pretty miserable. For longer days outside I like to wear sweater socks over my jeans and then put on boots. Sometimes I'll wear a puffy vest underneath a coat or even layer two coats for added warmth. It's also a good idea to grab a larger tote if you are out all day so you can stow away items you may take off when you heat up.

Pastel Palette

Although I tend to wear red throughout the Winter, a pastel palette can be refreshing after the holidays have come to a completion. Pink and pale blue make a cozy and soft combination. Another good one is to mix lavender and pale pink. I've rounded up some of my favorite pastel coats and accessories below.

Luxurious Fabrics

Now is the time to pull out all sorts of luxurious thick and soft fabrics. For evening choices velvet, sequins and fur make great choices! Add a stole to a long coat or grab a slinky velvet dress for a nice dinner. If you are looking to wear something a little more casual a soft sweater layered over a velvet skirt is a good pairing. You can also do a velvet bodysuit over a metallic skirt and then add a statement bag. There are so many  options, but it's fun to get creative with warm textures you can't wear during months that aren't cold. 


Hope you guys stay warm out there and I'd love to hear about any of your current Winter favorite styling tips!