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Sweater Dress

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A good sweater dress goes pretty far in life. I love finding something versatile like this because depending on how you layer things you can wear from the first chill of Fall through the Winter months. These were actually taken at the very end of Fall on a trip to San Antonio (see this post and still aiming to get you guys a weekend guide, but haven't had a chance to finish editing all of the pictures). The weather was in the sixties during the day so this dress along with a lightweight scarf was perfect. We stopped over at North Park Lincoln which was an area of San Antonio I've never been to. The homes were built with beautiful unique structures and had a little bit of an older charm with flowers, vines and trees that lined the streets. There's a lot to do outside of a stroll around the neighborhood including shopping and restaurants.

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When looking for a good sweater dress it's all about the fit! You don't want to look like you are wearing a tent. I like the fit and flare style of this one and found a few similar for you here, here, and here. Since my body is petite but still an hourglass figure it's important to make sure my waist is cinched. Another way I like to wear sweater dresses is with a belt. It gives a similar affect as a fit and flare. 

Sweater Dress

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I've incorporated more of the wine color featured in today's post in my wardrobe over the past two years. It all started with this top for a holiday party and carried over into a lot of what I've been wearing. Sometimes I go with a dramatic wine colored lip when I wear this color. While other times I prefer to keep things in more neutral tones. 

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I don't know if you noticed but I've vastly expanded my sunglasses collection. From cat eyes like this post to heart shaped and more aviators I try to branch out with my accessories to ensure I am staying creative. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and wear the same things over and over. What are some of the things you guys are experimenting with in your closet?

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