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Tips for Decorating Your Home

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I promised you guys a while back that I would be creating more content around Interiors. Well, being that it's now 2018, it's a great time to start regularly posting some of the projects, updates and inspiration to get those creative juices going. To kick of this year I am sharing three tips for how to update your home without a big hassle. Many of you probably have similar items already in your own home and sometimes it just takes a little finesse to round them up for a creative space. 

Tip #1 - Use Nature Throughout Your Spaces

In this photo I've strategically placed fresh flowers to make the space warm and inviting. Note the flowers are in the same palette as the paintings behind but with a slightly bolder pink. Usually I opt for flowers all of one kind in my bunches, but this bundle is absolutely beautiful. Other items I use throughout the space include rose gold pine cones I spray painted, a wooden tray that looks like it was sanded down irregular wood and seashells piled on a candy dish. Get creative and find things out in nature to fill antique dishes or arrange on a platter. Fresh fruit is always a win, too!

Tip #2 - Every day Items Can Be Displayed Artfully

I love love love using every day items to create interest and more storage in my home. In the pictures above I've arranged hats on the walls in my bedroom and then also used a large basket to house the rest of the felt ones. In the past I've used a teacup as a jewelry holder for my earrings or necklace to go when I take it off before bed. If you look at the shelving unit closely I have a pair of sequin shoes displayed. I've also used bookcases to create a room divider and arranged all of my purses in color order. Finally, I have my sewing machine on display above to show off on my built in desk. Pull out some of your favorite items and arrange them for all to see. You can either use favorites or think about what is in the color scheme of your place.

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Tip #3 - Open Storage Lets You Use Items to Create Texture and Interest

When you utilize open storage it gives you the opportunity to create texture instead of having a ton of blank hard surfaces. This is one of the easiest tricks in the book. Take for instance the bottom left photograph where I took this shelving unit and used pretty blue canvas boxes and books to create symmetry. The top photograph shares these floating shelves in which I drilled holes for brackets to show off a few paintings of mine and photographs. Simple and minimal. I staggered them to be a focal point over the couch. Finally, a ladder bookcase made it easy to create a modern etagere for all of my antique glass and some memorable items collected.

All in all it's fun to have your favorite things on display. I'd love to hear how you guys display things around your homes! 

Here's a few more ideas for you to use for display: