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Houston Hotspots: Cornelius Nursery

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If theres’s one thing you do this weekend I recommend heading to pick out pumpkins to decorate the house, your doorstep or just to pick up one for Halloween. I recently found this nursery here in Houston which was surprisingly in the middle of the city! It was HUGE. It had every pumpkin imaginable and tons of plants. Cornelius Nursery was found over 30 years ago is an is a staple for succulents, perennials and evergreens. I loved getting to visit this week and found my favorite pumpkin was the white “Enchanted pumpkin.”

After spending some time exploring the garden, I decided it was time to see what was in the neighborhoods surrounding this area. Cornelius Nursery is located just outside of the Galleria area in Houston where there are lovely town homes. Houston is a strange mix of historical homes, modern architecture and industrial. I found a sweet little street lined with various styles of town homes right across from the nursery. Most of them look like they dated back several decades and had such charm! Their doorstops were decked out in fall wreaths and pumpkins.

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I love walking around neighborhoods when I travel or even just drive into the city. Each one has it’s own character and over the years I’ve found so many adorable spots. I try to take notes of things I would like one day when I finally decide to purchase a home. I’ve been a notorious renter for the past decade and would like to find a quaint place to call my own eventually.

Although our nights have really cooled down and it’s crisp in the morning we are still getting mid-high 80’s degree weather in the middle of the day. I’ve been wearing pants more frequently than I do throughout the Spring and Summer but I’ve had to be sort of creative incorporating Fall into outfits. I wore a poncho earlier in the week which was plaid over a tank top and jeans but for today I decided to grab this lightweight plaid scarf instead of wearing a cardigan.

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Scarves are one of the easiest accessories you can add to your Fall wardrobe and they are not only pretty but practical. You can wear them traditionally or as a shawl. If they are on the smaller side they can be worn in your hair or tied around your purse. They add an element of chic to most looks and can take a basic outfit and make it special.

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I love picking scarves up from vintage shops, street vendors and then also some of my favorite retailers such as Old Navy. I have purchased numerous ones from Old Navy and this one came from there, too! I love the way it’s more on the lightweight side instead of a thick heavy wool one. Makes it perfect for our warm Southern days.

What are your favorite types of Scarves and how do you like to wear them?

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