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Small Town Charm: Veronica's Daiquiri Shop in Navasota, TX

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I’ve been through Navasota so many times I don’t think I could count them. It’s positioned about 3/4 from where I live to where my parents live. Over the years I’ve explored the Red Velvet Inn (a bed and breakfast where you can bring pets - see post), their historic downtown (see here and here), beautiful bluebonnet spots in the Spring (see this post), and a fantastic gardens hop called Martha’s which also has a lovely tea room. The town is small but nestled between Houston and College Station, TX.

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This time I took a different exit last month when I was headed in to visit my family for my sister’s birthday. Sure enough I found another gem! Take a look at this cute floral shop with a drive through daiquiri place! Oh my goodness was I pretty stoked! Although I didn’t have the luxury of trying a daiquiri that day, the shop couldn’t be more picturesque.

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It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon with rain looming. Whenever it rains I always want to get nestled up and wear long sleeve shirts. A classic blue and white crew neck was just the choice. This season I’ve also been eyeing cropped frayed jeans. These hit right at the ankle which worked perfectly with a pair of blue suede boots I’ve had for two years now (here is an updated version). I’ve never owned a pair of Seven7 jeans although I have worn 7FAM since college and was surprised by the quality and fit. I would size up if you are looking at making a purchase.

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Now that our weather is lingering in the 80’s some days (thank goodness!) You guys will be getting a few more cozy styles you can carry into Winter.

What are a few posts you’d like me to publish coming up for October?

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