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Three Months of BBG

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BBG Month 1 and Month 2 Updates!

I am currently in my twelfth consecutive week of BBG. I am astonished at how much my body has toned up in three months. I want each of you to see the journey and know that it’s achievable for you as well! I am so much stronger than I was in August. I focus better and sleep better. I also have incorporated other types o exercise in on days I do BBG and days I don’t. I’ve found the program is challenging but still managed to let me go at my pace and build my strength up. I thought I’d follow the same fashion I did in my one month and two months updates by doing a question and answer format.

How has your body changed?

First of all, I’ve lost notable inches. The waist band of most of my small size pants are loose and I’m now in an extra small. I’m only 5’0 tall so keep that in mind for size comparison. I’ve added so much more toning into my body. My stomach is flat, you can see my hamstrings when I turn to stand at a profile, and my energy is consistent. I also started incorporating yoga (see below for more information) but it’s allowing my muscles to lengthen and increased my concentration and balance.

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Why did you add other types of exercise? Is BBG enough?

I would hands down say BBG is plenty for the body. It’s a hard 30 minute workout at least three times a week. You will sweat and feel sore. I decided about three weeks ago to start taking yoga to help relieve tension. I am now practicing 5 times a week (more if I can!) and it’s giving me so many benefits! I love the way the classes push me. My flexibility is increasing. I’m taking warm flow classes where the temperature is set to at least 80 degrees. It helps your muscles warm up and gives you a cleansing sweat.

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What about food? What has changed in your diet?

Over the past week I’ve been drinking a ton of pureed juices during the day and 1-2 meals. I try to hold off on solids until at least lunch and if I can push until dinner. I’m getting a ton of nutrients through the smoothies and juices that I’ve felt lighter. It’s also important to note the amount of vitamins and minerals my body receives and less strain on the digestive tract.

I no longer drink any alcohol. I’ll discuss more about this subject in a later post, but due to several issues I have made a personal choice of abstinence. It’s better for my body, mind and overall health. During the first two months I did still drink alcohol. It does slow down your progress. I noticed a huge jump this third month in inches due to eating cleaner. I still drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day though along with a variety of teas.

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What are your current favorite workout brands?

I’ll be honest, I buy 99% of my workout gear at Target. Their JoyLab collection is my absolute favorite. For shoes I love puma and occasionally grab a Danskin pair on the go since they are at Wal-mart and are lined with memory foam. Currently, they have a soft pink and also a lavender I may pick up.

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What about tunes while you workout?

My favorite playlist is the Zumba Beats on Spotify. It’s changed up every so often but I get really into BBG with upbeat latin music!

I hope the pictures speak for themselves on the progress BBG has transformed in my body. I love the challenge of the program and am working on BBG 1.0. It’s a more challenging program and this is now part of my life at least three times a week. I will continue to take yoga for it’s health benefits and reduction of anxiety. As far as walking, every day I try to get as many steps as possible and use the time to plan, imagine and analyze. It’s meditative and relaxing. Stay as active as possible and your body will feel better and better. If you have questions about my BBG Journey or fitness in general please leave me a comment:

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What are some of your transformation stories?

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