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November is coming to a close and all of the trees are changing to the most beautiful shades of orange, red, eggplant and gold. Houston doesn’t get a Fall season until the rain subsides and the temperatures drop occurring mostly in November and early December. The city looks so different than it did just a month ago and it’s a really pretty time to visit if you are looking to head down to Texas.

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As Holiday season continues, I’m layering all of my favorite textures in monochramatic looks lately. This plush jacket is one of the new additions this year and I’ve sported it to so many occasions lately. From a quick walk over to yoga class to dressing up for an event a few weeks ago, it’s quickly becoming a staple. The soft rose color works excellently against many of the blush and burgundy pieces I already own.

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As much as I love red and green during the holidays I think it’s also festive to incorporate some of your current favorite colors into outfits and play with texture. Try wearing a luxurious velvet or add a sparkly earring. You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new winter wardrobe for the season. Adding a few touches make all of the difference when you are dressing up for office parties, family and friend gatherings and festivities.

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Also, look for shoes that are worth wearing all day. These block heel pumps are low enough for walking but high enough to give a little lift and dress up jeans, skirts and dresses. Not to mention a deep burgundy shade just screams holiday worthy. I picked up these Michael Kors ones recently from a TJ Maxx but rounded up several similar ones below if you are looking to add a pair or two this year to your closet.

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Also, take the time to slow down over this next week and enjoy the process of easing into the rest of the season. I think oftentimes we feel so much pressure when our to do lists grow longer and longer during this time of year. To minimize that pressure just prioritize the three most important things for that day and focus on crossing them off. Keep a running to do list on your phone and delete as you go. Every night before I go to bed I sit down for 5 minutes and plan tomorrow. It helps me stay focused during all of the commotion. You can star the three items you must complete and if something else with a lower priority doesn’t get done… well, take it on tomorrow! Remember, not everything is urgent and important.

It’s really easy to get caught up in being overwhelmed right now. For some of us, your company may be closing out it’s end of year. For others, our children now have performances and additional activities. Take time every day for yourself. Even if it’s only 5 minutes. Breath deeply and enjoy today so that you can give tomorrow your best.

What are some of the was you relax during the holidays?

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