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Wide Leg Sweater Jumpsuit

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Ever wanted to wrap yourself in a blanket and just trot all over town? Well, a sweater jumpsuit is the answer to all of your problems. I was out looking for workout gear since I’ve started regularly going to yoga classes on top of BBG workouts for meditation, stretching and relaxation purposes when I came across this perfect cozy sweater jumpsuit from one of my favorite designers LC Lauren Conrad. For sizing reference, I’m in an extra small and have a pretty long torso even though I’m only 5 feet tall. It fit like a glove. The material can go both casual and dress with a super wide leg and cinched waist.

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I picked up these booties a few weeks ago and packed them on my recent trip to California but did not end up wearing them over the trip. A pointy toe always works best if you are wearing a wide leg trouser. It’s a fun way of letting a little color or a neutral peek out from the hemline of the pants. I added a lightweight cropped trench and a punch of red with lipstick and a bucket bag.

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After battling with serious anxiety and panic attacks plus dealing with health issues of my mother I’ve made a huge decision over the past month to move towards the healthiest lifestyle possible. I am taking a holistic approach encompassing everything from having a strong support system, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and relationship. I’ve been doing small things like sticking to a wake up and bedtime routine, eating more vegetables, eliminating alcohol completely (and hope to keep this out of my diet for the long-term), practicing yoga and meditation while also using HIT workouts to burn calories. I feel better, sleep better and am all around able to deal with more than I did over the summer.

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As I move through the holiday season, I hope to continue this momentum. It’s been about a year and a half since I put this much effort on a daily basis for bettering my body. I substituted during that year and a half things that brought me pleasure instead of long term health. Slowly during that period my body paid the consequences and ultimately led to feel very very unwell. I’ll be sharing more about this journey in the weeks to come about this lifestyle change and the results I’ve seen. If you would like to see specific content, please let me know! I deeply appreciate feedback and suggestions!

What are some of the things you’d like to improve upon over the next few months health wise?

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