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How to Wrap Presents

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Wrapping presents can be as much fun as actually picking out the gifts! Taking the time to make sure your gifts have a special touch can light up someone’s face when they receive a box, bag or package. You can add little trinkets, beautiful ribbon and coordinate your gifts to your tree to create a beautiful focal point inside your home.

I like to start by getting good quality wrapping paper. Hobby Lobby has been my go to store for over a decade for gift wrap for two reasons. First, you can purchase 100 sq ft rolls so I usually pick up two in color coordinating colors for my tree. Second, they have grid lines on the backside for straight cutting. To make a present look beautiful it’s really important to cut the paper correctly. I also like that their paper is thicker making it much easier to crease when you make folds.

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Next, I like to add ribbon. I mentioned last week how I like purchasing ribbon in the bulk section where you find tree trimmings. You can pick up 100 sq ft rolls and use the leftovers on gifts for more color coordination. I look for both the wrapping paper and ribbon for half off during December. Most of the spools and wrapping paper end up being about $5 each. Using ribbon with wire in it gives a full look when you tie it into bows and is easy to work with.

I also pick up things like gift tags, jingle bells, mini pine cones and twine for additional touches. Oftentimes, a dollar or discount store is the best place for these. You can later add extras to your tree if you want or fill a bowl with them. If you have a pet, I would refrain from too many baubles or you might come home to a destroyed package. The final step is to add a tag, but I also put their names on the back in the event the tag gets pulled off, destroyed or lost!

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Today I wore a simple green velvet dress paired with adorable blush satin mules. I love a good pair of slip on shoes for this time of year. They are almost like wearing a pair of fancy slippers! Perfect for around the house when you have company over. Velvet is one of the best textures to wear for the holiday with it’s plush, soft texture. I like a mini version for a daytime casual look that can be easily transitioned to a party over the weekend or in the evening. Add a pair of beading statement earrings (I really love these bow ones!) and a swipe of red lipstick to polish the entire look!

What do you like to decorate your gifts with?

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