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Red, Black and White Winter Wonderland

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Yesterday we drove into Colorado to stay the next week at a friend’s lodge home in the mountains. It was after dark when we arrived but could barely make out snow on the ground. After settling in and unpacking the outdoor jacuzzi was heated up and with drinks in hand I enjoyed a good long soak. It was only twelve degrees but a wonderful way to close out 26 hours of travel. Afterwards, I read by the fire until hitting the hay for the night.

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The next morning I awoke to a winter wonderland. The entire ground is covered in a couple of feet of snow. Throwing on my coat, I jumped at the chance to have coffee on the deck overlooking trees, snow and mountain. Cell phone service doesn’t work out here so unplugging was just what was needed. I slept in a thin pink ruffled sweatershirt and lightweight knit joggers only to slide on a pair of tall boots and my down puffy coat while watching the sun light up the granules of snow.

After consuming a delicious breakfast our friend made of french toast and delicious maple syrup, sausage, bacon and we had mimosas and screwdrivers I made a quick change to get dressed for today. Layers are the most important thing to remember when you are getting ready to spend a day outside. I wore a flannel buffalo print shirt, puffy black vest, vegan leather pants, two pairs of tall socks for warmth, a pair of earmuffs and finally my cream colored down jacket. I bought this jacket for a trip six years ago in South Lake Tahoe and for snowy days it’s my favorite!

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I just added a red plaid scarf to my winter wardrobe and plan on mixing it with pops of pink through February. Red is so frequently used in December, but you can switch it up by pairing it with camel, light pink or navy for the next few months. I love a good scarf and the red really pops with the otherwise neutral outfit. We are preparing to do some last minute shopping in town about half an hour away and then sledding! I can’t wait to share more about this amazing trip!

What are your favorite things to do in the west part of Denver and up to Black Hawk, Colorado?

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