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What to Wear for a Trip to Float the River

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I don't know about you, but I sure am getting giddy about this weekend! I have a HUGE trip to the river planned with friends from college. In fact, this weekend exactly 10 years ago we all went floating on the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, TX. For many of us there will be more summer trips planned to float and camp so I thought today would be perfect to share with you some packing tips!

What to Wear

Like usual, I am planning a color palette of red, white and blue. I love wearing this combo on both Memorial Day Weekend and the Fourth of July since it's so patriotic. My father was a veteran of 24 years and fought in two wars with the Middle East. We traveled to 12 cities, 4 states and across 3 countries. Needless to say, I am so grateful for the men and women who risk their lives everyday for us. 

I mixed and matched a variety of shades of red and blue then adding some pops of white. I also picked out a few cover ups to include a white cotton over sized button up, red cotton halter dress, a beautiful tunic dress and finally a gingham square scarf to wear as a sarong (one of my favorite tricks, see here!) Here are a few looks:

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Now obviously we weren't only in the water. So I brought a fewfew sundresses, shorts and tank tops. Of course, all in the same color scheme. Along with that, my sperry's, running shoes (oftentimes I jog or walk when I'm on a vacation) and finally a pair of espadrilles that can go in the water. When you float the river you need some kind of shoe with a good sole so you don't tear your feet on the rocks or rapids. DO NOT wear backless sandals like a slide or flip flops. I put those in a mesh back and tie them to my float to ensure I have something comfy when I get out of the water and back at the campsite. In all honesty most years I've worn either a canvas lace up or my sperry's. This past Spring I wore a pair of espadrille slip-ons by Sketchers. They worked great! They have memory foam and were made out of canvas.

What to Pack Gear Wise

Now it's not just good enough to pack clothing. You'll also want to be prepared to pack gear for your trip. The biggest mistake I've seen when going is not packing simple things like rope or a mesh bag for your shoes. You'll also want to bring a waterproof bag that rolls up (what fisherman use) and a cooler for drinks. I like to leave my towel, duffle bag, and lantern back at camp for when I return. Although floating is usually only daytime, sometimes by the time you get back to your site it's dusk to early dark. A handy lantern makes it easy to either gather your things for a shower or to find things for a fire.

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A few other tips include having snacks like trail mix or sandwiches pr-emade help if someone starts getting hangry. Fresh fruit and raw veggies are great for hydrating. Also, bring plenty of water. I like to use those ice bags you can find when you get a shipment from Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or Plated. They can line the bottom to help the ice stay cooler. Remember that you can't bring glass in most parks or rivers, so stick to aluminum. I recently found a few options like Underwood or House Wine that comes in a can for all of you vinos. For beer I recommend Love Street. Finally, if you are into wine or beer you can always whip up a cocktail and put it into mini water bottles. I think it helps to have everything handy so you can just grab a drink. Make sure you bring enough water for the whole day and finally sunscreen!!!

How did you guys spend Memorial Day?

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