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Houston Hotspots: Old Town Spring

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I've been dying to visit this place ever since my dear friend Shirin told me I would love it last Fall. Two weeks ago I decided to pack up and drive nearly 45 minutes from my house to see what all of the fuss was about. I wasn't disappointed. With nearly 150 shops and restaurants in the heart of Spring, TX there was tons to do! Not to mention the fact that it's nestled right between Houston and The Woodlands/Conroe area. I brought my kiddo along and we wandered up and down a couple of the streets taking in all of the charm. 

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When we arrived, both of us were pretty hungry so we headed straight for Ellen's Cafe (which had amazing reviews). I ordered a potato, leek and asparagus soup which was perfect since I prefer to eat light on a warm day. They sell fudge and have a full ice cream bar inside if you want to just pop in and grab something quick. The staff was so friendly and the service was impeccable. Not to mention, they have a stellar patio equipped with perfect patio lighting for evenings. When I looked around for vegetarian options they were the first to pop up!

Old Town Spring was a settlement back in the 1800's and became a major station for the railroads as it had two lines that crossed. While mostly German settlers, the town was built in a Victorian style with intricate details and wooden structures. You can actually see a lot of original artifacts from clothing to house hold goods in The Museum.

Next up was to tour around the streets and we headed straight to the Doll Hospital. It's a great place to bring little girls and they have hundreds of dolls in the shop. Another thing we noticed was just how many toy and candy stores there were from the restaurant to the Doll Hospital. I was so glad it was so kid friendly. Also, it was a Saturday and uncrowded so it made it really easy to bring the kiddo along. Here is a listing of all of the shops and restaurants.

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While you visit I recommend going by White Hall. It's one of the earlier Victorian style buildings built at the turn of the century and has a beautiful gazebo, garden and there's a shop inside. We picked up Himalayan bath salts in the pretties soft pink shade. They look like pink rocks and I'll be using them for some decor in my pink bathroom. 

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For the outing, I decided to wear a cream colored slip dress I bought at a boutique in Ft. Worth, a lemon chiffon kimono (you can shop a bunch below and many are under $50), my new favorite flats, and a classic white and tan structured bag. Lemon prints are in rotation for the Summer and I'll be bringing lots on my upcoming trip to Seattle. You can follow along on Instagram this week to see more!

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