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Velvet the Perfect Touch

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My love for velvet is nothing new. If you check out some of my Fall and Winter posts from last year you’ll see quite a few looks involving velvet. Being that I live in Texas it’s hard to pull out and justify wearing before Fall. Although our temperatures are still hitting over 90 degrees I’ve started wearing a few Fall pieces in this luxurious material. It’s great because I can mix and match a skirt like this with a simple button up or lighter weight top like the one I’m wearing today.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably noticed the reemergence of 90’s still like chokers, flannel shirts/plaid, and velvet over the past year. Velvet dates back much further though than the 20th century. In fact, it is believed that although it probably originated in the Far East it was documented in the early 14th century. Italy was the first European adopter and the fabric was oftentimes mixed with brocade and satin.

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So what makes this fabric so thick? Velvet has a unique type of woven loom used. It creates a fabric that is double thick thus giving it that super soft texture. Anytime I see anything made in velvet my hands ache to go touch it. It’s practical for the cooler months and beautiful for the holidays. To keep it from looking over dressed check out neutral colors or soft pastels like this blush pleated skirt I grabbed last year.

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What are some of the trends you are currently following from the 90’s?

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