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Fitness Style: Expectations vs. Reality

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While I usually don’t dress completely in one brand, there are a few exceptions. LOFT is one of those classic but current brands I’ve loved for almost two decades. I wore one of their sweater dresses in yesterday’s post and since they are having a HUGE sale through 3pm today I thought I’d share a workout look with you guys! The reality of working out in style is not always easy to achieve. Sometimes I end up just doing yoga in my living room or BBG in sweatpants. When I head outside I try (not always succeeding) to look somewhat put together. I’ve found a few ways to easily put together athleisure and work out outfits that easily can transfer to other activities like running errands or grabbing coffee.

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One of the easiest ways to throw a good outfit together is to dress in a color scheme of two or three colors. I layered a lavender scarf and puffy vest over a simple lavender long sleeve cotton shirt. The puffy vest is so great for this time of year especially on the warmer days with chilly mornings and evenings. I love being able to stay cozy but not get ridiculously hot. A brisk walk will get the blood moving and all that’s needed is a vest instead of a bulky coat. If you are in a colder area you can layer a cute winter jacket over a coat for additional warmth.

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I love a good pair of leggings and these are made out of the best material. The dark charcoal gray is so slimming and a good change from plain black leggings. You could swap the athletic top and vest for an oversized blazer with pumps to transition this to a work look. Being able to take a pair of pants from dressy to casual or vice versa makes it so versatile and worth purchasing. When you are putting together an athleisure outfit make sure to keep it simple. You don’t want a ton of pieces getting in the way of your workout or being able to just relax.

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The reality of working out is that you usually get sweaty. I prefer cotton tops so my body breathes. Due to having sensitive skin synthetic fabrics do not always agree with me. In fact, certain materials (specifically found in sweaters) will break my chest or back out if I wear them all day. To prevent my body from having a bad reaction I try to workout in breathable fabrics or natural materials. Cotton is my absolute favorite because it comes in a great price point and you can wear it most of the year.

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What are your favorite pieces from LOFT right now?

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