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We decided last minute to grab an AirBnB in San Jose which turned out to be so much fun! I have never made the drive to Silicon Valley and was it a beautiful drive! As you come in from Sacramento during sunset the hills are golden flagged with solar turbines. It’s a surreal and beautiful drive where I felt transported to a different time and place. I couldn’t believe just how beautiful the earth looked like that.

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One of the best things about renting a place is that you get to live like a local. We immediately stocked our fridge and pantry for a few days of meals so that each morning we could have a delicious homemade breakfast. For this particular morning I whipped up omelettes and toast while I had a cup of Kodiak oatmeal. This high protein oatmeal was so convenient and perfect for fueling my body for the entire day with over 10g of protein in it! It’s perfect for someone eating a clean diet and is really convenient if you are traveling.

I found this fluffy white jacket at Nordstrom Rack and immediately fell in love with it! I am always on the hunt for layering pieces since I get so cold. I wore it with a rose printed blouse and deconstructed jeans today but I plan on layering it over structured dresses in the coming months as Spring approaches. Since receiving this purse for Christmas I’ve been trying to create as many outfits as possible with it! I received the matching wallet which has a detachable wristlet and can hold all of my money, cell phone and even a lip gloss. I usually opt for a larger purse most days, but if I need a little clutch the wristlet does such a perfect job!

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I shared a few weeks ago about my travel uniform and true to form I brought along a good pair of block heels. They are probably the most versatile shoe you can bring along. They work great for day time in jeans and are comfortable enough for walking but can be worn with tights and a dress at night. They really are the perfect thing to bring on any trip and I wore this pair all week long. I bought a few new things over the break to share with you but I am curious about your recent purchases?

What are some of your newest fashion finds for January?

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