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8 Houston Eateries for Valentine's Day Dates

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Since not everyone plans out Valentine’s Day dinner or dates until last minute I figured a round up a few days before might be useful. If you are here in the Houston Metro Area there are so many amazing places to grab food. In fact, Houston is a top destination for emerging restaurants right now! From food halls like Finn Hall named as one of the top 50 in the country to farm to table restaurants, Houston is popping with perfect places for some good ‘ol cooking.

Dish Society

They have four different menus to include breakfast, brunch (on weekends), lunch and dinner. They also serve handcrafted cocktails and source as much of their ingredients from local farmers as possible. Extra points scored for organic produce! Houston’s selection of healthy organic restaurants is quickly growing and Dish Society is a casual eatery leading the way. They have locations downtown, in the Heights, the Galleria, near memorial city mall and in Katy.

Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar

Sometimes I get a craving for hearty savory foods and that brings me to today’s post on Whiskey Cake. Whiskey Cake Kitchen is a restaurant here in Houston with delicious made from scratch and locally sourced foods. They have a rustic atmosphere serving simple farm fresh foods with flavors that will quench anyone’s palette. They are located in Katy on the west side of Houston about a 30 mile drive from downtown.

Crave Cupcakes

Crave Cupcakes has some of the tastiest options including the maple bacon which was one of my favorites! Their red velvet cake is also a winner.  They have a lovely pastel inspired interior and would make a nice dessert place if you are looking for something after dinner.

Tiny Boxwoods

Situated in the heart of Houston Tiny Boxwoods is not just a restaurant, but an experience. It’s not hard to see why it has turned into a hit sensation here in Houston. With a refreshing idea of placing a restaurant inside of a garden while encompasses an opportunity to socialize it’s easy to fall in love. When you arrive at the space you are immediately offered a cocktail while you wait in line on the beautiful green lawn. The idea is for you to mix and mingle with others while you await ordering your delicious food. The beautiful waiting area is filled with rustic tables, white linen couches and fountains galore! It’s truly a magical site.

Marvino’s Italian

If you are on the Northwest side of Houston and headed out to Cypress, stop my Marvino's Italian Kitchen. Both times I've eaten there I've had really great service and the food was delicious. Locally owned and operated, they provide an authentic Italian surf 'n turf menu. It's an easy to access location and beautiful atmosphere (feels like you are transported to wine cellar in Italy). The family owns a few restaurants in the area and I can't wait to try their new cafe Galiana's.

Sweet Paris

Last weekend I took a few minutes late afternoon Sunday to enjoy a little taste of Paris. I headed over to City Centre’s Sweet Paris for a delicious savory crepe. Crepes are a thin batter where enveloping either sweetened fruits and cheese, or savory items. They have a wide variety of delicious options and I ended up going with one that had delicious tomatoes, mozzarella and drizzled with truffle oil. I ordered a spiced chai latte (which was truly superb) and enjoyed sitting on the patio with glittering lights up above.

Tout Suite and Sweets Bakery

Head over to Sweets Bakery to pick up a few macaroons or a delicious dessert. Sweets has two locations in Houston – one in City Centre on the west side and Tout Suite on the east side. You will find an assortment of all different flavors of macaroons there. I picked up a couple of honey lavender to curb my sweet tooth. A macaroon is made with the lightest almond flour and almost melts in your mouth. Tout Suite is a full coffee shop with a macaroon bar and they serve wine if you are looking for an after dinner drink.

Ellen’s Cafe - Old Town Spring

Head to  Ellen's Cafe (which has amazing reviews) for southern cooking with healthy options. I ordered a potato, leek and asparagus soup which was perfect since I prefer to eat light on a warm day. They sell fudge and have a full ice cream bar inside if you want to just pop in and grab something quick. The staff was so friendly and the service was impeccable. Not to mention, they have a stellar patio equipped with perfect patio lighting for evenings. When I looked around for vegetarian options they were the first to pop up!

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