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5 on Fridays - Five Spring Break Destinations in Texas

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With Spring Break just a few weeks away it’s time to start booking if you are looking to take a little vacation. Texas is a perfect destination for Spring Break with it’s mild temperatures, sunny days and beautiful landscape. There are so many different flavors of Texas from the tumble weeds and mountains of Big Bend to the soft sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a beautiful, affordable, family centered southern state with many options for everyone. Today I’m sharing what to wear, where to go and things to do in five Texas destinations!

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Big Bend National Park

Visiting Big Bend National Park is a sight you cannot miss if you live in Texas or New Mexico. First of all, it’s absolutely HUGE! There are many little surrounding towns to stay if in if you aren’t up for camping at the park. You can also rent an RV and take it out there if you are concerned about accommodations near the park or ride the Amtrak instead of driving. Hiking Lost Mines Peak and the Santa Elena Gorge during the mild temperatures of March make this a magical experience. You can kayak to Mexico on a day trip or stop at the local shops in Marathon. West Texas is perfect for an adventure seeking outdoor vacation. Make sure to bring cowboy boots, a canvas backpack and lots of water!

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Brenham, Chappell Hill and Navasota all sit within a thirty minute drive between each other and Spring is THE time to visit these locations. With fields of indigo bluebonnets and poppy colored indian paintbrush wildflowers this area is the perfect destination for a countryside getaway. All three small towns have sweet little bed and breakfasts (check out the Red Velvet Inn for dog friendly rooms) and charming downtown squares. You can shop at local farmers markets or stop to have a bite to eat at one of the delicious southern restaurants. This time of year is a little tricky on weather temperatures. You’ll want to have a coat handy but be able to take it off to reveal something suited for warmer weather. You really never know in Texas. One day it’s 30 degrees and the next 80. Be prepared and bring layers.

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From the first moment I drove through this city outside of San Antonio I fell in love. The city is just plain beautiful. It’s filled with the sweetest bistros and eateries. You can hike down through Cascade Caverns or drive a few minutes west to visit an apple farm and orchard. Float the Medina River and see the Cowboy Capital of the town of Bandera, TX (John Wayne and many historic figures spent so much time in this part of Texas). Stay on a ranch by booking an AirBnB. You can also visit some of the surrounding state parks if you are interested in getting some outdoor activities in.

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Ft. Worth Stockyards

Nestled just 30 minutes west of Dallas, TX you’ll find that Ft. Worth is a popular destination for a national historic western town filled with musicians and local vendors. You can stop at the Ft. Worth Stockyards, shop the antique shops, go to a local dance hall and pick up a pair of cowboy boots here. Take a day trip over to Dallas for additional fun or drive into other parts of Ft. Worth for additional activities.

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Gulf Coast

This area is popping during Spring Break. If you are even considering going here go ahead and BOOK NOW! It fills up fast and there are so many beautiful spots along the Texas coast. Visit Rockport for camping on the beach or stay at Jamaica Beach along one of the canal homes where you can fish right off your patio. Ride the ferry out to Crystal Beach for the best sand with a picnic in hand or take the kids to the Kemah Boardwalk for a day of rides and family fun. It’s usually pretty warm in this part of Texas so feel free to bring along a few swimsuits and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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What are your favorite Texas destinations?