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Houston Hotspots: The Whimsy World Part 1

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Looking for a fun place for adults and kids to play? Well, have I got a place for you to visit! Shelbi Nicole, a Houston artist and influencer created an interactive exhibit full of whimsical art installations for your family and you to come and experience. My daughter and I visited the exhibit yesterday and let me tell you… IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Upon arrival Shelbi greeted us and explained we were allowed to move props around and play within the space. We couldn’t be happier! Over the next few posts, I’m going to share three looks from this exhibit and tell you more about each installation. Today’s focus is the overall space and experience while I share with you a beautiful Winter to Spring outfit perfect for these last few weeks before temperatures start rising.

Located right outside of downtown, The Whimsy World sits inside The District Art Gallery. The exhibit spans across two large rooms and I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t over crowded. You can purchase tickets for about $30 a person and kids 10 and under are free. It was actually less expensive for my daughter and myself to go than a Saturday evening movie. I love taking her to exhibits like this to help expand her mind and soul. I believe it’s so important to teach kids about art, history and culture from a very young age. You’ll be seeing more about this topic in the coming weeks as we have plans to share more about museums and art on the blog. Note: The exhibit is on display through February 28th!

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So let me tell you about the Splish Splash piece! It was probably my favorite in the space with a chaise lounge bathtub and fluffy cloud chandelier. If I could scoop up this piece of furniture I would in a heartbeat! It was refreshing to see how Shebli used a claw foot tub and upcycled it into a piece you can lounge upon. The lighting throughout the space was bright white making it an ample opportunity for photographs. I’ve never seen so many kids and parents snapping photos of one another. I want to note that although kids are welcome it’s also an exhibit perfect for adults.

Shelbi was so warm and welcoming. I briefly spoke with her about her vision and she has a few murals around town. I can’t wait to photograph those for you guys! Houston’s art scene is growing rapidly since I moved her a decade ago. More and more older parts of the city are undergoing gentrification and murals are popping up all over the place. (Check out the Sugar and Cloth Wall here or last week’s post where I photographed the Emerson Rose Boutique’s Florence and the Machine Wall).

I brought along a few outfits since on the Whimsy Website it encouraged bloggers and influencers to change in the Beyonce inspired bathroom complete with Beyonce themed wallpaper. I’ll share more about this part of the space in the next post, but it was perfect for an outfit change or touching up your makeup. I wore this long pink dress by Mother and Child (seen in this and this post) but spiced it up with sweet little bow flats and a casual moto inspired bag. I’ve been really into statement earrings lately and wore a pair of white tassel beaded ones for today’s look.

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I loved the pom pom room so much! It was so sweet and you can play with a few of the pom poms. I also really liked how every corner of the space is filled with something like the flamingo wall painted outside of the little booths or the striped pink and white wall beside the bathroom. It was so hard not to be there for the entire day photographing every nook and cranny. I would reserve at least an hour if you are photographing within the space. If you are there just to observe a good thirty minutes would be perfect to walk through the entire exhibit.

For tickets and more information about The Whimsy World check out Shelbi’s website here. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter

What are your favorite places in Houston for photographs?

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